Cabs Paris

Cabs-Paris started providing a high quality taxi and limousine service in 2005. Shortly after the start of our company, we received requests from customers for a more personalized service. Our strategy of providing new and modern cars, combined with additional equipment, has improved our customers' comfort, which has been more than appreciated. We listen to what our customers may want to enjoy during their trip, the result shows in the steadily growing number of customers and their preference to book with us speaks for itself.


Our Drivers

Our drivers are all very experienced in their jobs, have the attitude to interact with business customers as well as tourists and families who enjoy a holiday trip. Their experience and knowledge are one of the key factors in reaching your appointment on time, guiding you to the restaurant you are looking for, helping you finding the place you have always wanted to visit, in short they are very dedicated and at your service.

Our Fleet

From the planning phase, even before we started offering our services, the decision was made to provide only comfort, reliability and top-of-the-range services. Only a modern, well-maintained and immaculate fleet can achieve these objectives. Our tools, vehicles and drivers, are of an exceptional level. Various practical items are always available as standard, additional details will be made available upon request at the time of booking. Cabs Paris goes the extra mile, discover for yourself.



There is no greater disappointment than having a scheduled meeting or following a train/flight schedule and the organized transportation is late. We will not even be on time, we will arrive at your requested meeting place before the scheduled time. The local traffic situation may interfere with your itinerary, however, our drivers are constantly aware of the situation along the way and will choose the most convenient alternative route if necessary. For you, this means arriving at your destination relaxed and on time. In addition, we strive to comply with all provisions, in the event of extraordinary circumstances, a delay is not always avoidable. Moreover, if necessary, a replacement vehicle is always available for the reserved services. Our priority is simple, your satisfaction comes first!

Have a nice trip!